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Live. Love. Eat Well.

Happy faces surround the table in a room filled with the familiar aroma of spices that tingle our senses and remind us of home. Sharing laughs as we wait for Grandma and mother to bring the meal that feeds both our hungry stomachs and souls. This uplifting endearing moment is what we hope to provide every time you taste our food.

From humble beginnings, Maya the mother behind this amazing restaurant, would offer friends, family and even passing strangers the food she prepared everyday with love and tradition. After much praise and gentle nudging, the family finally decided to walk a path towards sharing our unique and traditional flavors with the greater regional area. Thus Uchenna was born offering healthy, organic and gluten-free foods inspired by the traditions and history of Ethiopia,  the Red sea and the Mediterranean.

Now after 14 years, we continue to prepare our amazing food for lifelong customers and serve everyone we can with nourishment for both their bodies and souls.

Things You May Not Know About Ethiopia

Ethiopian People
Ethiopian Landscape
Ethiopian Villagers

An Ancient Civilization

Home to some of the earliest human fossils on earth dating over millions of years.

Unique Language

The only country in Africa that has it’s own alphabet.

Strong Defenders

The ONLY country in Africa never colonized because we defeated the Europeans.

Spiritually Inclined

Practiced Christianity before Europeans and accepted Islam before the Middle East!

Original Bean

Ethiopia is the origin of the most popular drink in the world…coffee!

Winning Athletes

We were the first Africans to win gold in the Olympics.

Teff Seed


Facts about Teff and our bread, Injera.  Teff is a fine grain, about the size of a poppy seed, which comes in various different colors, from white and red to dark brown. As a native species to Ethiopia, teff thrives in difficult climates with a physiology that can withstand high heat and bright light. As such, teff compromises the staple grain of Ethiopian cuisine. Ground into flour, teff is used to make the traditional bread, INJERA. Injera is a flat, pancake-like, and slightly sour bread that complements the exotic spices in Ethiopian food. Attracted to it delicious taste, gluten-free physiology, and nutritional power, more audiences are committing to teff; such as professional athletes, special-diet individuals, and other health-conscious people.

Quick facts Eragrostis ‘borrows its scientific name from Greek to mean “the grass of love” from eros-love and agrostis-grass. – For its survival, teff uses a type of photosynthesis called carbon 4, which allows it to be most efficient in temperatures as high as those of the human body, as opposed to wheat whose optimal temperature is at 600f. – One pound of teff can produce up to one ton of grain in only 12 weeks. This amount is hundreds of times smaller than that required for planting wheat. Three thousand grains of teff weigh one gram. Because we care about your health and ours, we only serve 100% teff Injera.